Frequently asked question - FAQ

Ans – 3D rendering is a creative computer process, similar to cinematography, where an image is produced using three-dimensional data and 3D photorealistic effects.

Ans – Architectural Visualization is a process of creating 3D imagery, which accurately reflects the planned structure of your building before it is being constructed in real.

Ans – Yes, we do use Autodesk programs to produce high-quality 3D renders and designs.

Ans – Yes, we can open Revit files and are also flexible to work with those files.

Ans – Well, it depends on the project. In some project, we use a lot while in some, we barely touch Photoshop.

Ans – Yes, you can use the 3D images/ plans for 3D printing. But you need to specify us that, before initiating the designing works.

Ans – Yes, on special requests, we can apply the watercolor effect on 3D renders via Photoshop.

Ans – The period varies from project to project. It is recommended to talk with our experts regarding the project completion timing.

All files you may have for this project, showing elevations, floor plans, site plan. The following file types are acceptable:(CAD,PDF,DWG,REVIT), and also we need color chart.

As soon as project is approved by client, we will deliver the first draft in 48 to 72 hours.

All Client CAD files are stored in archived for 6 months ( just in case if any changes are requires), we delete all client files after 6 months. We do not share CAD to anyone else.

We use combinations of software toObtain the best photorealistic quality. Mainly we use 3D Max, V-RAY and Photo shop software.

We do not charge Extra for minor revisions ( up to 3 ).

Yes, We are a proud member of BBB Accredited organization with (A-) ratings